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Oxycura Oxycura



Oxygen combined with ion treatment helps us restore moisture easily and makes the outer skin layer works like a barrier to the inner layers of our skin.

Oxcura assures better protection from sunlight, radiation and moving air.

Lifetime warranty. 

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Oxycura is an ion therapy device combined with oxygen treatment to give your skin the best protection.

Oxycura is an oxygen treatment combined with ion therapy that facilitates better blood circulation and hydration of the treated areas, to make the skin look bright and moisturized. It also keeps your skin safe and clear and creates a natural protective coating on top of the epidermis layer, to ensure your skin is not damaged in the long term.

While the epidermal layer works as an effective barrier to the rest of the layers in our skin, it makes it harder for the skin to protect and absorb beneficial treatment through all skin layers. 

Our skin cells have a limited lifetime, and oxygen is a very important element in nearly every cellular process. The skin is the only organ besides the lungs that is directly fed by oxygen. Oxygen is consumed in all layers of the skin,   all the way from surface to core.

Known for its ability to purify and shrink our pores, oxygen also improves blood circulation in the face. Once it penetrates the skin and the pores, the skin is hydrated and gets the boost it needs to detoxify.

The negative ions that are created as air molecules break apart in reaction to sunlight, radiation, air and water. They are tasteless and invisible.

That is the reason the technology works on the mechanism in the water molecules of the ion, and creates a "molecule coating" on the surface of the skin.

The Negative ion technology bonds with positive ions on the skin to restore moisture. That is why it is important to use negative ion therapy , and to make sure to apply face cream and serum after using the oxycura.

Using the Oxycura in combination with the Perfectio X treatment will create the most beautiful and healthy skin can get. Use Perfectio X first to treat all the layers of your skin and help restore the fine attributes your skin lost over the years.

There is no better way to keep your skin glowing by combining both : oxycura and perfectio. 

The infra red light treating aging in the deepest  layer of the skin all the way through the epidermis dermis and hypodermis layers. 

While the oxycura gives your skin a boost of oxygen to hydrate your skin and make sure your skin will be glowing on the outside.

Your skin will be smoother and healthier And the “molecule coating“ on top of it will keep your skin at its best. 

Oxycura ensures that no daily harmful bacteria, pollution and makeup ruin the effort you put into your skin, and keeps it clean and constantly glowing.