Are there any authorize online sellers of Zero Gravity ?

Zero Gravity Skin Unauthorized ONLINE Resellers Acknowledgment

Zero Gravity Skin Products are sold through a network of retail shops ONLY! Zero Gravity Skin has NO AUTHORIZED ONLINE RESELLERS. In addition to being highly trained in Zero Gravity Skin Products, they also provide a valuable service to the customer by being readily available to answer questions, provide support for hardware questions, or troubleshoot Zero Gravity Skin Product. These services are often not available from an Internet-based seller unless purchased directly thru Zero Gravity Skin Website.

Any sale of products by an unauthorized Internet-based seller voids Zero Gravity Skin Warranty on all products. Zero Gravity Skin believes that many Internet resellers do not fully disclose the risks associated with buying Zero Gravity Skin products over the Internet. Please use caution when selecting your source for Zero Gravity Skin Products.

Zero Gravity Skin warrants to you, the original buyer, that your product shall be free of defects in material and/or workmanship attributable to manufacture for the period specified in the details provided with your purchase, ranging from 1 year to the life of the product. Your device is only eligible for a warranty once you have registered it on In order to provide this warranty to our customers, Zero Gravity Skin is the sole and exclusive manufacturer and distributor of all Zero Gravity Skin products, manufacturing them in an FDA compliant facility, and distributing them through authorized retailers only, including on our official website, To maintain our strict quality control process, any product sold through an unauthorized retailer, cannot be registered through our warranty program, and as such will not possess the Zero Gravity Skin seal of authenticity and approval. Zero Gravity Skin goes above and beyond to ensure every product is tracked through a unique serial number, thus prohibiting devices purchased through unauthorized retailers from redeeming a replacement through our warranty program. Products sold through unauthorized retailers, or purchased from unknown sources, are likely to be used, defective and/or damaged and could potentially be a safety hazard, and are not covered by the Zero Gravity Skin warranty. Zero Gravity Skin is not affiliated or associated with any unauthorized retailers of the product, including those selling on third party sites and assumes no responsibility or liability for any products, or damages caused by their use. Zero Gravity Skin strongly advises that users ONLY purchase Zero Gravity Skin products through an authorized retailer or from our official website. To locate or confirm an authorized retailer please contact: 800-699-9340 or Email us at:

In the event you are contacting us because you have purchased an Zero Gravity Skin product from an unauthorized retailer, such as Mercari, eBay, Amazon, Poshmark and you are experiencing problems with that product, unfortunately, we are unable to warranty the product, or assist you in issuing a replacement. Elevare Skin is not affiliated in any way, and does not endorse any sales from, these unauthorized retailers.

None of the following websites are authorized to sell Zero Gravity Skin products:

You are only eligible to enjoy the full benefits of Zero Gravity Skin products if you purchase them from Zero Gravity Skin or an authorized Zero Gravity Skin reseller. The standard Zero Gravity Skin warranty applies to Zero Gravity Skin products that you purchase from authorized Zero Gravity Skin resellers and you are also entitled to receive support from our trained experts when purchasing from an authorized reseller.

There are significant risks associated with purchasing Zero Gravity Skin products from an unauthorized reseller. If you purchase Zero Gravity Skin products from an unauthorized source, the product may be previously used, counterfeit, or stolen. Additionally, the Zero Gravity Skin warranty does not cover Zero Gravity Skin products purchased from an unauthorized reseller and Zero Gravity Skin support will not provide service.

DO NOT BUY Zero Gravity Skin products from ANY UNAUTHORIZED Zero Gravity Skin resellers:

Can I use my Perfectio where ever I go in the world?

Yes, the Perfectio works on 100-240v, so you can use it anywhere in the world.

Is there a significant difference between the benefits of blue and infrared/red light?

Blue light is designed to comfort and soothe skin. It is used clinically to treat acne. Visible red light penetrates to a depth of about 1-2 mm, and is beneficial in treating problems close to the surface and is effective at stimulating fibroblast cell activity in the skin, which increases the production of collagen and elastin – the proteins responsible for your skin's tone and elasticity. Infrared LED light produces both red and infrared wavelengths and is effective for rejuvenating aging skin.

How does the treatment work?

Light is penetrated into the skin and is absorbed by the pigmentation. Heat impairs the lesion and process of healing begins naturally. It boosts circulation and brings more blood and nutrients to the area. It also stimulates vital collagen and elastin production. Collagen helps to plump the skin, while elastin firms the skin.

Is LED light therapy safe?

YES. Numerous studies have proven that LED photo rejuvenation does not harm the body in any way. The light waves are safe for any age, color, or skin type.

Does LED light therapy hurt?

No. Unlike many other anti-aging treatments, LED light therapy is gentle, painless, safe, noninvasive and nonabrasive.

What are the benefits of LED light therapy?

  • LED light improves sun spots, age spots, dull complexions, uneven pigmentation, large pores, sun damaged skin, and early signs of aging.
  • LED light improves red flushing skin, rosacea, and broken capillaries.
  • Enjoy smoother skin with a more even tone.
  • No down time. You can resume regular activities immediately.

Why does the outer ring of my Perfectio Plus not light up?

Perfectio devices use two different types of light: LED (bright red and visible) and infrared (much stronger but not visible). On each device there is an outer ring of 16 lights and inner ring of 9 lights.
We refer to the Perfectio as silver and the Perfectio Plus as gold.

The difference between the devices is:

The silver is made entirely of bright red LED lights, except for 4 invisible infrared lights in the inner circle. The gold is made of invisible infrared lights in the outer circle, and bright red LED lights in the inner circle. Remember, the invisible infrared lights are the most powerful which is why the gold device utilizes more infrared. Think about UV light from the sun, how powerful it is, yet it is invisible. This is the same with infrared lights, they are on a very high frequency wavelength. This is also why it appears that the outer ring is not illuminating. If you remember seeing the outer ring light up during demonstration, it was most assuredly from the silver.

Pictures of both the gold and silver illuminated so you can see exactly what was just described.