"I have used the Perfectio Plus for over 3 years and have seen such smoothness and feel the skin around the lower part of my face has lifted. I have had fillers in the past before purchasing this product and they did nothing compared to the Perfectio Plus!" ~ Debre G. "THANK YOU to Zero Gravity I DON'T look my age! Zero Gravity was very willing to work with me due to my unit would not hold a charge. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!" ~ Cish C
"Thanks Julie for your support, I’ve received the replacement of my Perfectio X according to the guarantee conditions, as you promised when I bought my device." ~ Greisy C. "I am in complete agreement with the other reviewers of the "magical" results from Zero Gravity and give the Perfectio Plus an A+. In addition, I would like to share my SPECTACULAR treatment from the customer service department, and in particular, from customer service representative, Lily S. I was having an issue with the charging mechanism and thus I sent an email to Customer Service Department. And voila! Within 2 days I received an email from Lily, w/suggestions, etc. Lily was extremely responsive & supportive! So, along with an A+ for Zero Gravity & Perfectio Plus, I give an A+ as well to Lily!" ~ Becky G.
"TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN; PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE ON A SCALE OF ONE TO TEN DEFINITELY GETS A TEN RATING. LILY S. WAS EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL IN ASSISTING ME EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. I COMMEND HER AND HER PATIENCE WITH ME. THANK YOU LILY." ~ BEVERLY M. "The customer service I received from Lily S was superb . My Perfectio was not working properly and she handled the return with speed and no hassles. I can now get back on track and achieve the amazing results others have had." ~ Mary Helen Bobrow
"I've noticed that my skin is tighter and pores are smaller. Very nice. But then my cord broke. I needed a new cord. Customer Service was excellent. I received a new cord in less than a week. Thanks much."~Donna G. I am in complete agreement with all of the above. I will say I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my issues were handled. My unit stopped performing - one e-mail to Lily S and the unit was replaced. Nice to see a company stand behind their product. ~ Bonnie P.
Je suis très satisfaite du service après-vente et de la conseillère Lily qui a géré mon souci très efficacement J'ai eu un souci de batterie après 3 années d'utilisation, mon Perfectio a été échangé rapidement pour un coût de 99$ Merci Lily ! Quant aux résultats avec Zero gravity, ils sont visibles et rapides, je ne peux plus m'en passer !!! ~ Sandrine C. I purchased one of their products about a year ago and started having issues with the machine recently. I contacted customer service about my issue and they were very responsive throughout our phone and email conversations. Julie C. helped me replace my item very quickly with much ease. I am completely satisfied with the quality of the customer service here! ~ Daphne P.
"The initial device troubleshooting instructions were straightforward to conduct the troubleshooting. The customer service team name Lily.S processed the device replacement. The product replacement team named Amit shipped me a new device right away. I am satisfied with the customer service provided. Thank you!!" ~ Yeshik P. "I bought the Zero Gravity wand 2 years ago and have used it faithfully 3 times a week, and am very happy with it. I’m 56 and my skin is plump, dewy and I can go without make up on the hot humid days of summer. I started to have issues with the wand a couple of months ago and was devastated as I didn’t want to be without it. But the customer service people were kind and helpful and I received my new unit last week and am thrilled to be using it once again. Thank you to everyone at Zero Gravity for making this a painless transaction.I am truly grateful." ~ Gerdine N.
"I just bought a Perfectio+ 2 days ago here at their Marina Bay Sands branch. Since I live in the US I was expecting that I would be provided with a 2 pin plug that is compatible with our US plug but when Iopened the box it was a 3 pin plug. Julie was very helpful. She mailed me a 2 pin US version plug without any hassles. I sincerely appreciate that. Thanks so much Julie and to your other colleagues who had assisted me. Thank you very much Zero Gravity! You guys are gold!" ~ Alex W. "The machine is easy to work with it. It improves the skin's appearance like smoother and younger, besides that reduce hypermentation and reduce the open pores. Customer service help you resolve in a kind way. Thanks." ~ Yolanda F.
"My perfectio (silver) died after only 5 months. I was so sad because I love my device. I was assisted by Julie C in regards to my warranty. She helped make the replacement process so smooth and seamless. I now have my replacement device. Thank you for the great service." ~ Mphatso K. "My Perfectio would no longer charge, so I contacted the warranty section for Zero Gravity. All concerned with replacing my unit were anxious to assist. Within in a few emails back and forth and my answering all warranty question, I returned my Perfectio and they shipped me a new one right away. Great customer service involved with this company." ~ Alaska S.
"This is one of the best most effective products I've come across! I saw results just after a single use. My pores are smaller, my skin is smoother and my overall complexion looks so much better! It makes such a big difference to my face that I'm actually comfortable leaving my skin bare and going out. My skin looks healthy and looks like it has a glow. This product really works. I'm so grateful for this company's existence. I'm so excited to try out their other products in the future. And the customer service is great. Happy customer in South Africa." ~ Saadiya B. "I have been using my perfectio + for only a few months now and have already noticed an impressive difference in my skin. Very excited to continue to use and see results. It is extremely user friendly and their customer service has proven to be key here! I am now a loyal customer of Zero Gravity! ~ N.L.
"Warning to others don’t leave your Perfectio plugged in all the time. It ruins the ability for the Perfectio to keep a charge. Lily at customer service is an awesome person. She listened to my situation and helped me obtain my new one. The old Perfectio is lost In the mail but that didn’t stop Lily from helping me. She is awesome. She sent the new one . I received it in two days. Thank you ! Lily for all your dedicated help. ~ Nagaland T. "I must say the product is everything it was promised but the most amazing thing is the service. I had a problem with my sapphire and the replacement procedure was so simple and fast On a scale of 1-10 you get an 11!" ~ Bertha G.
"I’ve used the Zero Gravity wand for about a year now and must admit it has done a remarkable job firming my skin, reducing rosacea breakouts, and reducing pores. I don’t need foundation now!" ~ Bev W. "Hi everyone I would just like to say that I can definitely notice an improvement of my skin since using the Perfectio X. Very happy with the product and the help I have received from Lily." ~ L. J.
"I have been using the Perfectio X therapy for low back pain. As a physician, I’m into evidence-based therapies and the use of multimodal pain management approach. The Perfectio X is one of the pillars of our pain management intervention. It’s efficacy and safety makes it a great tool for improving chronic low back pain." ~ J. Ortiz "I am 35 years old! I have 4 kids and a husband who stresses me out! I get asked if I’m anywhere from 18-25 years all the time after using my skincare and perfectio 100! I’d say that’s results . I love how easy it is to use." ~ R.S"
"I purchased Perfectio X one year ago and have truly seen excellent benefits. My skin is much tighter and very smooth. My husband had redness and some scarring that has lightened. We would recommend the Perfectio X! Thank you, Kristi!" ~ Kristi B. "We have both the Perfectio X and the Juvenis and they truly are "miracle" workers! You can see and feel an immediate difference. Use it consistently and see the benefits. I promote it to all my friends :) Your skin will be smoother, tighter and plumper." ~ Gracie K.
"I can't say enough about this company. They are amazing. I had an issue and they replaced my product and went above and beyond for me. I highly recommend Zero Gravity. This has been one of the best customer services I have ever dealt with." ~ Corty B. "I struggled with blemish on my cheeks, acne scars near my hairline and at the top of my neck from my hair, with stubborn acne scars. I've been using the blue light therapy for only 3 months and already see such an amazing change on my neck and the redness on my cheeks is gone. I was honestly so skeptical and nervous about spending so much money but it was worth it, and again it's only been 3 months i can't wait to see the results as I continue to use it." ~ Kailei R.
"My boyfriend and I purchased our Perfectio X when we vacationed in San Juan, Puerto Rico just three months ago. It has been a life saver on my face has really begun to improve. The texture has softened tremendously and just using the scheduler with the app is a life saver. This is definitely a purchase I would recommend to anyone searching for a deep tissue healing. I also use it now on my neck and chest; I am excited to see the results." ~ Linda B "What a find! I've been using the PerfectioX for a year. it's soooo handy to use! Just watch TV and give yourself a facial treatment! Great result: Tighter, smoother, skin without all the wrinkles!!" ~ Judy G
"I am amazed at the results of my zero gravity wand! My skin has totally transformed into the skin I had 20 years ago. I don’t go anywhere without it. Truly. My sister keeps trying to borrow it but I won’t let it out of my sight! I think I will get her one for Christmas this year! It’s the best discovery I’ve had for my skin... ever..." ~ A.J "I bought this in Vegas whilst on holiday from Australia 3 years ago.. it was a big outlay as the Aussie dollar was really low but I really do love it. You must try it to appreciate it. Thanks for a great product. I bought it from Amrit and he was so informative, couldn’t ask for better customer service" ~ P. E.
"I have owned my Perfectio a few months and am loving my results so far. Its part of my daily beauty routine. Thanks Perfectio" ~ Michael K. "Perfectio Gold — best purchase I’ve ever made — can’t live without it. Limited lifetime guarantee. When after several years it failed to recharge, Zero Gravity replaced it. Great service for a great product" ~ Chris E.
"I love this product and when it would not charge they were so helpful replacing my device !!!!!!!! I was shocked a company actually honors the lifetime warranty. Thank you so much ! Jill" ~ Jill J. "I purchased my Perfectio in Budapest, 3 years ago. After using it 4 times a week I noticed major improvements in my skin tone and diminished wrinkles. However when my unit would not hold a charge anymore I was sceptical that zero gravity would stand by their warranty claim. After a few emails back and forth , I returned my Perfectio and to my pleasant surprise , a brand new one was delivered within days! Thankyou so very much." ~ Joyce S.
"You so rock!
You have restored (just a little bit) my faith in American corporations. :-)
Your response to my plight has been an amazing and wonderful surprise.
It also speaks to the quality of Zero Gravity's products, and I can't wait to try the Perfectio X.
I'll let you know as soon as I receive the check.
You've certainly started my new year off happily and I thank you sincerely.
Stay safe and healthy.
Best regards,
Sydney" ~ Sydney C.
"I had issue with the charge of my Perfectio along with damage. At first I panic thinking this would be costly to replace, but it was only 69.99 that included a full replacement and shipping. In addition, I can\'t say enough about there customer service - responses within 24 hours of every email and upon my return of my old unit I received my new unit less than a week. AMAZING and GREAT customer service along with a quality product. They stand by their product and by their customers!!! ~ Carol D.
"I bought Perfectio four years ago, when I turned 50 and concerns grew for keeping my skin firm. I followed the direction in using it and started seeing results almost immediately. Perfectio become my favorite and inseparable item since then. Not only I but all my friends and coworkers noticed the significant improvement in my skin. Perfecto greatly helped with firming, glowing, and brightening of my skin, as well as preventing the appearances of wrinkles. The most important thing is that it reduces the need of botox or fillers drastically (last time I did botox was in October 2019, over a year ago), and I don't really think, I'll need any of those injections anymore. It well worth the money. In addition, Zero Gravity has the best customer service! When I emailed them for the issue with the charger, they immediately got back to me and acted promptly to replace the device. No hassle, no headache! I highly recommend it! It's an investment you will never regret!" ~ Vio D. "Zero Gravity products and services are AMAZING! I have used the Zero Gravity Perfectio X and Sapphire X for ~ 2 years and continue to be surprised by their effectiveness! In addition to their profound effects on skin, the Perfectio X has transformed my ability to maintain an active lifestyle! As a yoga teacher and fitness trainer, full range of movement is an integral part of my life. Whether an injury, osteoarthritis or common muscle soreness, the Perfectio X has enabled me to never skip a beat! I honestly can't imagine life without it. And don't miss experiencing enhanced benefits by pairing the Perfectio X with Zero Gravity's amazing Red Algae Infused X-Gel - WOW! All this has enabled me to avoid pain relief medications, medical office visits public exposure in the midst of our pandemic. Self-treatments occur in the convenience of my own home, on my own schedule. Something unanticipated has been that the self-care ritual soothes, nourishes and heals form the inside out during these highly challenging times. My experience with customer service has been equally impressive. They back their products and customers with the utmost level of quality, care and kindness. Who couldn't use more of that these days?!" ~ Topalian T.
"I’m really impressed from this company, from the quality to their customer service..I’ve owned a Perfecio X for three years but recently the light stop working so I called the customer service , there was no answer so I didn’t leave a voicemail, I figured I’d call back later. Within two to three hours a lady name Lily called me back, she’s extremely helpful and made sure I was taken care of, It was an easy transaction.I also received my new unit within 2 days with absolutely no hassle! I highly recommend this company for their high quality products, customer service,and ease. I’ve been using mine for three years , I love the results on my face ,great investment!" ~ Teri