"I have used the Perfectio Plus for over 3 years and have seen such smoothness and feel the skin around the lower part of my face has lifted. I have had fillers in the past before purchasing this product and they did nothing compared to the Perfectio Plus!" ~ Debre G. "THANK YOU to Zero Gravity I DON'T look my age! Zero Gravity was very willing to work with me due to my unit would not hold a charge. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!" ~ Cish C
“The device works to boost collagen and it is a completely painless treatment and somewhat relaxing. While delivering a series of gentle pulses, over a series of treatments, you will definitely notice a reduction in redness, enlarged pores and irregular pigmentation.“ ~ Angelina M. “I have used it twice a week and since then have noticed a dramatic improvement in the appearance of my skin. My pores seem to be smaller; there is less discoloration as a result of my melasma, and there is reduction in my fine lines. Overall, I am pleased with the results.” ~ Maria J.
“After using the device for a few months, I can say unequivocally that it makes a positive difference in my skin quality. My skin is smoother and the fine lines and wrinkles are diminished. It is easy to use, unlike other devices which are a bit of a hassle, and having the device at home is much easier than having to enter a spa on a regular basis.“ ~ Jessica H. “I am thankful for this relatively new technology. As someone who has tried every pigmentation-reducing cream out there, I can tell you that topical products are simply not strong enough to yield the dramatic results I have gotten from using this device.” ~ Cicilia R.
“I was amazed when I saw the change after treating my skin for a few months. It is gradually relieving my skin of sun damage and bringing back that youthful glow women of all ages try to maintain” ~ Dana R.
“I am in my mid-thirties and have very thin porcelain skin. Hormonal changes have changed my skin’s luster and elasticity, and I have been using ZERO GRAVITY on my face, neck, and chest in conjunction with other treatments. I am very pleased with the results. “ ~  Grace B.
“After using the device for a couple weeks I am amazed at the results so far. My pores are minimized and the overall appearance of my fine lines and wrinkles has greatly improved.” ~ Jennifer T. "I have always been skeptical about the latest miracle beauty products and procedures, but when I heard of ZERO GRAVITY,  I decided to give it a trial run. Within a few weeks, I noticed the lines around my lips and eyes had softened.  After purchasing this innovative product, I truly believe that red and infrared light can improve the look of aging skin." ~ Marji T.
"I love this miracle treatment! It has definitely worked for me and given me plumper, firmer skin and a much more youthful look. I think this is a gentler, more natural and less expensive way to go compared to plastic surgery." ~ Bianca R. "When I purchased the device I started doing a daily treatment. The frequency is so sufficient, within a couple of weeks; I noticed a reduction in the redness in my skin and the softening of lines around my cheeks. So far I am pleased with the results and the low risk of this treatment is a real plus" ~ Brianna D.
"As someone with extremely sensitive skin, I have to be very careful about what I use on my skin.  I suffer from a bit of discoloration and rosacea from time to time. After a few weeks of using ZERO GRAVITY, my skin has improved dramatically." ~ Gretchen R. "I am in complete agreement with the other reviewers of the "magical" results from Zero Gravity and give the Perfectio Plus an A+. In addition, I would like to share my SPECTACULAR treatment from the customer service department, and in particular, from customer service representative, Lily S. I was having an issue with the charging mechanism and thus I sent an email to Customer Service Department. And voila! Within 2 days I received an email from Lily, w/suggestions, etc. Lily was extremely responsive & supportive! So, along with an A+ for Zero Gravity & Perfectio Plus, I give an A+ as well to Lily!" ~ Becky G.
"TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN; PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE ON A SCALE OF ONE TO TEN DEFINITELY GETS A TEN RATING. LILY S. WAS EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL IN ASSISTING ME EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. I COMMEND HER AND HER PATIENCE WITH ME. THANK YOU LILY." ~ BEVERLY M. "The customer service I received from Lily S was superb . My Perfectio was not working properly and she handled the return with speed and no hassles. I can now get back on track and achieve the amazing results others have had." ~ Mary Helen Bobrow
"I've noticed that my skin is tighter and pores are smaller. Very nice. But then my cord broke. I needed a new cord. Customer Service was excellent. I received a new cord in less than a week. Thanks much."~Donna G. I am in complete agreement with all of the above. I will say I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my issues were handled. My unit stopped performing - one e-mail to Lily S and the unit was replaced. Nice to see a company stand behind their product. ~ Bonnie P.
Je suis très satisfaite du service après-vente et de la conseillère Lily qui a géré mon souci très efficacement J'ai eu un souci de batterie après 3 années d'utilisation, mon Perfectio a été échangé rapidement pour un coût de 99$ Merci Lily ! Quant aux résultats avec Zero gravity, ils sont visibles et rapides, je ne peux plus m'en passer !!! ~ Sandrine C. I purchased one of their products about a year ago and started having issues with the machine recently. I contacted customer service about my issue and they were very responsive throughout our phone and email conversations. Julie C. helped me replace my item very quickly with much ease. I am completely satisfied with the quality of the customer service here! ~ Daphne P.
"The initial device troubleshooting instructions were straightforward to conduct the troubleshooting. The customer service team name Lily.S processed the device replacement. The product replacement team named Amit shipped me a new device right away. I am satisfied with the customer service provided. Thank you!!" ~ Yeshik P. "I bought the Zero Gravity wand 2 years ago and have used it faithfully 3 times a week, and am very happy with it. I’m 56 and my skin is plump, dewy and I can go without make up on the hot humid days of summer. I started to have issues with the wand a couple of months ago and was devastated as I didn’t want to be without it. But the customer service people were kind and helpful and I received my new unit last week and am thrilled to be using it once again. Thank you to everyone at Zero Gravity for making this a painless transaction.I am truly grateful." ~ Gerdine N.
"I just bought a Perfectio+ 2 days ago here at their Marina Bay Sands branch. Since I live in the US I was expecting that I would be provided with a 2 pin plug that is compatible with our US plug but when Iopened the box it was a 3 pin plug. Julie was very helpful. She mailed me a 2 pin US version plug without any hassles. I sincerely appreciate that. Thanks so much Julie and to your other colleagues who had assisted me. Thank you very much Zero Gravity! You guys are gold!" ~ Alex W. "The machine is easy to work with it. It improves the skin's appearance like smoother and younger, besides that reduce hypermentation and reduce the open pores. Customer service help you resolve in a kind way. Thanks." ~ Yolanda F.
"My perfectio (silver) died after only 5 months. I was so sad because I love my device. I was assisted by Julie C in regards to my warranty. She helped make the replacement process so smooth and seamless. I now have my replacement device. Thank you for the great service." ~ Mphatso K. "My Perfectio would no longer charge, so I contacted the warranty section for Zero Gravity. All concerned with replacing my unit were anxious to assist. Within in a few emails back and forth and my answering all warranty question, I returned my Perfectio and they shipped me a new one right away. Great customer service involved with this company." ~ Alaska S.
"Thanks Julie for your support, I’ve received the replacement of my Perfectio X according to the guarantee conditions, as you promised when I bought my device." ~ Greisy C.