UV Light - Discover your real skin condition

Every order of the Zero Gravity Sapphire comes with our special UV light pointer and yellow lens goggles. The pairing of this UV light pointer and these lenses allows users to examine the degree to which oil, the bacteria responsible for causing acne, and general bacteria and germs are present on their face before and after treatment. When using this special combination UV light paired with these lenses, the oil and bacteria responsible for acne will appear orange, while germs and other general bacteria will appear green. As this special UV light is invisible to the human eye, to observe the oils, bacteria, and germs, you must darken the room, use the included goggles, and shine the light on your face, or the desired region of skin you wish to observe. Under these conditions, you will be able to see the degree to which your face is contaminated before treatment, and the degree to which it is cleansed after treatment.




How Sapphire Works