1. Recreo is under the manufacturer’s warranty for two years from the time it has been delivered and signed for as accepted by the customer.
    2. The warranty will remain valid as long as Recreo is used reasonably.
    3. The warranty does not apply to the battery and any damage to the plastic parts of the device and the base.
    4. The warranty does not include damage as a result of physical impact or as a result of liquid immersion or spillage.
    5. The warranty is subject to the terms, conditions and limitations specified in the User Manual provided by the manufacturer.
    6. The warranty will be invalidated in the event that the Recreo is opened, or repair is attempted by any personnel not specifically authorized by the manufacturer.
    7. Per the Recreo 2-year warranty, your replacement product is absolutely free. Your out of pocket expenses may include:
      - A shipping and handling fee of $89.99 in the USA and $129.99 outside the USA for the replacement product to be mailed to you.
      - Potential customs/ brokerage fees for receiving the replacement product we ship to you (for international customers only).
    8. Definition of reasonable use: Recreo must be used as defined in the user manual that is in the Recreo kit delivered to the customer. Any variation from the Seller and manufacturer guidelines including but not limited to physical damage, use in an inappropriate environment such as water or other liquids, any use not intended by the manufacturer, use of non-standard electrical connections to Recreo or its base, and any other damage caused by the customer by using Recreo not as expressly defined by the manufacturer.