Blue light therapy may also assist with sleep disorders and your body's internal circadian rhythm. Ideally, getting outside in the broad daylight for 20 minutes in the mornings is best. If that’s not possible, then using blue light therapy Sapphire treatments may have similar effects. Additionally, the light may positively affect mood and alleviate depression. Common skin conditions which may appear anywhere on the body such as scars and pigmentation may also be treated with blue light therapy. Since the light penetrates 400 to 495 nm through the dermis and epidermis, healing cells, antibodies, and collagen are stimulated to naturally heal and improve scars and pigmentation from the inside out. Essentially the blue light encourages the body's own natural healing response in a faster, more powerful way. Once again, a huge benefit of this is no side effects. As a result, pores all over the body are also minimized which helps them to stay clean, clear, healthy, and bacteria free.